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Simon & Jennika | Married

This past year, I took a good, long break from weddings. Don't get me wrong - I love weddings! But between working a full-time job, doing sessions or editing at night, and being uber-preggo with Michael, I was getting burnt out and wasn't enjoying any of it. I know there are so many people out there in the same situation and they're just killing it at everything - but it turns out I am not one of them, ha! All I wanted to do was eat ramen noodles, watch the Kardashians, and sleep.

When Jennika reached out to me about shooting her elopement, Michael was about 5 months old and I could finally wrap my head around leaving my little boy for a few hours, so this was the perfect opportunity to dip my toe into weddings again!

Jennika was probably the most easy-going, laid-back bride I've ever worked with. You guys - she ordered her dress online and it didn't come in until, like, the DAY BEFORE the ceremony! I would've been freaking out! She wanted everything to be super simple so they could just enjoy the moment, and had decided not to do a bouquet... but changed her mind LITERALLY the morning she was getting married and got flowers at Trader Joe's for both her bouquet and Simon's boutonniere! And they came out stunning! Seriously - Jennika, if you're reading this you need to start an Etsy shop or something!!

Jennika and Simon had a gorgeous, intimate ceremony at Castaway Island Preserve with the most perfect, glowy sunset. Congrats, guys!! <3

Seriously! Look at that homemade bout!!

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