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jordan & christine | washington oaks gardens engagement session

If you can't tell yet, Washington Oaks Gardens has definitely become my favorite new stomping grounds for sessions. You can get SO much variety in your gallery and I wish it were closer to Jacksonville! Although it's only about an hour drive from here, it almost always leaves the hubs home to tackle bath time and bedtime solo... so much so that he might start to think I'm scheduling so many of these on purpose (wink, wink)! I definitely don't hate two hours of driving all alone with nobody but 98 Degrees to keep me company... ha!

This sweet couple met three years ago in St. Louis and Jordan later followed Christine to Baltimore for her residency. Their fall wedding at Timuquana Country Club is just around the corner so they made the most of their trip to Jacksonville by planning a cake tasting, hair/makeup trial, and engagement session, and dinner date (why not!? They were all done up anyway!) all in one day!

Our session was running a little late (because hello 1,000 places to take photos) so at one point Jordan had to call and push their dinner reservation a little later. I'll never forget this moment - he was fumbling around on his phone, looking for the restaurant's number and trying to decide on a new reservation time, and his eyes would wander back to Christine, leaving him in total silence. He did this again and again, stumbling over his words, until finally he just stopped and said "I'm sorry, I've just never seen you like this! The hair, the makeup, the dress..." and just stared at her for a moment. YOU GUYS!!!! I pretty much lost it and all I could think about was how I can't wait to see how he reacts on their wedding day!!

Somehow I always manage to luck out with the most fun, laidback couples and Jordan and Christine were no exception. I loved working with these two and hope you enjoy their engagement session at Washington Oaks Gardens in Palm Coast!

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