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welcome home, baby sawyer!

Just over a year ago, Matt and I bought our very first home in Jacksonville. We did so many things right as first time homebuyers! We made a list of our must-have's vs. our nice-to-haves, we drove through different neighborhoods to narrow down our search, we had all our i's dotted and t's crossed on our paperwork... The one thing we didn't do was research ANYTHING about the area! My mom/stellar real estate agent helped us put an offer in the very first day of house hunting and we never looked back!

We got super lucky and as it turns out, we are zoned for an amazing elementary school and have the BEST neighbors we ever could have asked for! Meli and Brennan live right across the street from us and are only one of the amazing couples we are surrounded by!

Meli and I have fully embraced neighborly etiquette - we may not have borrowed any cups of sugar from each other... but we've traded baby swings, zipadee zips, bumbos, baby clothes, Blue Apron meals, wine, coffee, and plenty of mom stories. And coincidentally, Meli was one of my clients years ago (back in my glory days...) when I was a personal trainer at Fitness by Fronk. Talk about a small world!!

Meli and Brennan have the sweetest, outgoing, bubbly 3 year old daughter, Andie, and welcomed their newest addition, Sawyer, on July 26, 2017, 4:48am. This sweet baby boy joined us earth-side a whole month early, weighing in at 6lbs, 2oz, and 18.7" long. I was SO excited and honored to capture their first official family photos with Sawyer and absolutely LOVED watching Andie interact with "her baby". I can't wait to see Sawyer and my Michael play and grow up together!!

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