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welcome home, brooks! | newborn lifestyle session

They always say having your first child is so much more difficult than having your second. Now that I'm mom to two boys, I totally get it! Don't get me wrong - have two kids definitely comes with its own challenges... but you're already tired, life is already chaotic, you're just adding a little bit more crazy.

Your firstborn turns your world upside down - the lack of sleep, around the clock feedings, diaper changes, spit up, and generally just being needed by a tiny human 24/7. It's such a crazy cool experience to meet so many couples at their maternity session, only to watch them turn into parents weeks later. And let me tell you - my clients are killing it at this parenting thing!

The day of Brooks's newborn session, Robert and Jenna also had to take him to his one month checkup and were heading to Tampa to visit family only hours later. Throughout their session, they took turns feeding Brooks, packing bags, and getting ready to leave town. I'm pretty sure I would've had a meltdown with so much going on in one day but they were naturals! So happy for this sweet little fam and can't wait to watch little Brooks grow!

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