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chad & elizabeth | atlantic beach maternity session

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me they were awkward in front of the camera... I'd have a whole lotta nickels! Scrolling through their gallery, you'd never guess Chad and Liz said the same exact thing when we met up... but of course they totally nailed it (hello, you guys are beautiful, glowing, and 100% not awkward! ;)) and this turned out to be one of my favorite maternity sessions ever!

I met Chad and Liz almost a decade ago through my husband, Matt, when we had just started dating. Matt and Chad knew each other from their college days in Gainesville and we'd often bump into them at the beach bars. Oh how life has changed! ;) We randomly crossed paths over the years at parks or restaurants, and Matt and I would always talk about how sweet they were and how dumb it was that we didn't hang out more! I'm thinking it's time to replace beach bars with playdates! :)

When Chad and Liz got married, I basically obsessed over their wedding pictures (in the least weird way possible). The bridesmaids has mismatched dresses in just about every color in the rainbow and Liz rocked a floral crown like no one you've ever seen. Their wedding just gave off such a bright, vibrant, and joyful vibe... so when they announced their pregnancy, I knew I HAD to be part of their maternity session.

They didn't disappoint!! I don't know who was glowing more - Liz or the sun - but give. me. all. the. glow. I hope you guys are as obsessed with their stunning, glowy, totally-not-awkward gallery as I am! Chad and Liz - whenever we see you again, you'll be THREE!!! Ahh! Enjoy! :)

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