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the pettry family

Would you believe this session was literally off the side of the road in Ponte Vedra? It looks like they are loving on each other in Narnia!! I found this little gem back when I got my very first big girl camera about three years ago! I was driving aimlessly down A1A at sunset, looking for a place to practice shooting, and saw all this beautiful, glowy light shining through the trees and pulled over! I spent a good 30 minutes just taking pictures of my shoes and camera bag (insert crying-laughing emoji here) and am so excited I've since had several clients who trust me to have their session there!

Jess and her family were no exception and were so laid-back about trucking through the woods, averting ant hills and mildly sketchy trails! ;) It was so worth it and I love their glowy, dreamy gallery!!

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